Mrs K, a 26-year-old presented with secondary Amenorrhea i.e.absence of menstrual periods for 18 months making her unable to conceive. The team of doctors and complementary health practitioners at our IM clinic Haus der traditionellen Medizin Beuren decided that an Integrated therapy approach was the answer to solve this medical dilemma. A strategy was embarked upon beginning with a systematic Ayurvedic detoxification of the digestive system using a combination of Ayurvedic detoxification massages and diet for 5 days. This was later followed by the use of Chinese herbs for 2 weeks to clear out blockages in the Fallopian tubes and uterus. Once these blockages were removed, it was then decided to tonify the ovaries and uterus using Yogic Acupressure (Nadi Mardan Kriya), which stimulated the prana in the uterus and ovaries by applying gentle pressure to specific pranic switches situated on the arms amd legs of the patient. As Mrs K lived several hours a way from the clinic her husband was taught how to do these Yogic Acupressure treatments; he carried it out at home every alternate day for a period of eight weeks. The medical doctor who was also a practising homeopath prescribed homeopathic remedies for her depression that resulted from Mrs.K being unable to conceive. Six weeks later her periods returned and her depression lifted. Ten months later she gave birth to a healthy baby boy Samuel.