Research has shown that Vitamin C does not prevent colds under normal conditions. In a meta-analysis study of 11.306 participants showed the failure of vitamin C supplementation in reducing the incidence of colds in the general population, however some research studies indicate that regular supplementation of vitamin C reduces the duration of colds, but these results have not been replicated.

Vitamin C is safe and relatively inexpensive and it’s prophylactic benefits may vary from individual to individual.

This observation basically fits the premise that there is no “one size fits all” which is more applicable to conventional medicine model, but this is not advocated by the traditional medicine systems. Traditional medicine and Alternative medicine places emphasis on the individual presentation of the ailment and consequently a more individualised remedial ‘holistic’ therapy protocol is applied which can have more beneficial effects for the individual.

Further issues can be the costing of many complementary therapies. In some instances Complementary and Alternative therapies can be un-affordable for many consumers, but the results can be valuable in treating ailments with multi-factorial symptoms that conventional healthcare has difficulty in managing.

When we consider all aspects of medicinal treatment with an open mind and strongly consider an integrative approach in treating our clients/patients we can achieve impressive outcomes.