Eating ‘everything in moderation’ has been a long standing public health advice for decades. However, new complementary medicine research by de Oliveira Otto et al indicates that this may increase waist lines and is not a remedy for natural weight loss.

In the study which used a validated questionnaire, the diet was assessed in over 5,000 people from different ethnic groups aged 45-84 years. de Oliveira Otto et al evaluated:

  • Associations of diet diversity
  • Quality with abdominal obesity and
  • Type II diabetes

The research team found that people who consumed foods with diverse attributes relevant to metabolic health experienced greater weight gain after five years and a 120% increase in waist circumstance compared with patients with less diverse diets. The team commented, “They were eating [fewer] healthy foods such as fruits and vegetables, and more unhealthy foods such as processed meats, desserts and soda,” the researchers commented.

This complementary medicine research study demonstrated that the benefits of increased intakes of fruits and vegetables by far outweighs the unfavorable effects of trans-fat, sodium, starch and refined carbohydrates. Furthermore it revealed that the people with higher diet quality ate a smaller number of foods. These were also healthier foods and these individuals had a 25% lower risk of developing diabetes after 10 years.