Benefits-of-ginger-2Its aroma is strong yet pleasurable and has a relatively acidic taste that can be compared to citrus. Ginger is frequently used in Asian dishes, but since spreading across the world, you can find it being used in almost any restaurant nowadays.

Ancient Herbal Medicine

Ginger is native to the tropical rainforest of Southern Asia, and for centuries, it has been used for its medicinal qualities. It is an herbaceous perennial that grows annual stems, and the rhizome (root) of the ginger plant has proven to yield a wide variety of uses. As you may already know, the most common use for ginger is a spice.For thousands of years, ginger has been used as a natural remedy. Even in ancient times, people recognized the health benefits ginger has.

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 Delicious, and Healthy!

Ginger contains a plentiful source of vitamins and minerals.


Ginger contains Vitamins B, C and E, Niacin, Thiamine, Riboflavin and Folate.


The minerals, ginger has in it are Calcium, Iron. Magnesium, Manganese, Phosphorous, Potassium, Sodium and Zinc.

Natural Remedy

With so many vitamins and minerals packed into this little root, it’s no wonder why it is so good for you! It is currently listed as an herbal medicine and is frequently used as an oral and topical medication. Ginger has been found to be effective against nauseaand can even help relieve intestinal gas. This may bewhy as a kid you may have been given ginger-ale for an upset stomach. As ginger promotes the flow of saliva it is the perfect all natural solution for nausea caused by motion sickness. Naturopaths and other Complementary Medicine Practitioner advise consuming ginger tea is one of the best natural remedies and is better than taking medication for morning sickness when pregnant.

Ginger tea made from fresh ginger releases gingerol and protease which improves circulation. Furthermore, there have been recent clinical trials that have shown that ginger extract nanoparticles improved knee osteoarthritis symptoms in a 12-week clinical trial in patients with the age group of 50-75 years of age.

Since ginger relieves arthritis, you may also consider drinking ginger tea in the morning to soothe any aching joints, but it is important to consult a Naturopath or Ayurveda /TCM practitioner if you suffer from chronic osteoarthritis.

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Because of its ability to relieve pain and nausea, ginger is one of the natural remedies has been shown to reduce the side effects that come from chemotherapy medication. In addition, there is emerging scientific evidence to show that ginger can also protect you against cancers such as breast, ovarian, colorectal, and lung cancer.

So as you can see, ginger is more than just a simple spice and traditional therapies like Ayurveda and Chinese medicine uses spices as natural remedies for treating a variety of ailments. Therefore, ginger is one of the most popular natural remedies used in Ayurveda to treat a variety of ailments but it is contraindicated in hyperacidity, during any form of hemorrhage menstruation, vertigo and chronic skin disease.

One thing to keep in mind though, fresh, organic ginger is always recommended. If you use non-organic ginger, just be sure to peel it first. Dried ginger is great to keep on hand if you need it in a pinch, but the flavor isn’t as fresh and pungent.

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