Nutritional Supplements

Today, most people lean towards the use of weight loss nutritional supplements. They seem like a magical solution for individuals who have a strong desire to lose weight. The companies behind these nutritional supplements make extravagant promises about the formulas of their supplements, but most of these claims are not supported by the clinical research. Even the latest claims and investigations have proved that there are some nutritional supplements which do not contain the actual herbs that are listed on their labels. These supplements contain potential allergens and fillers that can cause severe health and wellness issues.Dr. Oz is the Director of the Integrative Medicine Center at Columbia University. On his world-famous TV show,Dr. Oz exposed some popular weight loss supplements; many of these supplements contained little ingredients when compared from their labels.

The dangers of weight loss supplements:

There are thousands of dietary and weight loss supplements available in the market. Flooded with all the different supplements, guidelines, andvarious ingredients, consumers can feel overwhelmed which can lead to the wrong selection of a supplement. To avoid the possible problems Dr. Oz who is a proponent of Integrative Medicine has suggested few tips that help consumers to make an informed decision, particularly for weight loss nutritional supplements.

Advice from Dr Oz

Like most Integrative Medicine doctors Dr. Oz suggested that it’s better to do some research and choose a product that is backed by strong clinical evidence. Most manufacturers use cheap or substandard ingredients and sell them under the tag of “proprietary blends”. The real secret behind many of these “complexes” and “proprietary” formulas are that the companies selling these products do not want you to know what exactly is in a product.

As a guideline, if you are looking to buy Garcinia Cambogia or Forskolin weight loss nutritional supplements, then a properly labelled supplement would list each ingredient and the quantities of each ingredient per serving. Warning bells should signal if the product label fails to list specific information.

The nutritional supplements industry is huge and often packaging and marketing strategies promise a lot but deliver very little. So, it is recommended to do a little homework before you buy any supplement. Look over its ingredients,read the online reviews, reports,testimonials or anything else that can help to make you an informed decision. 

Bottom-line for successful weight loss

Besides doing your research, Apple A Day RX affirms that the only way to treat weight loss is through a holistic approach and personalized healthcare plan which includes the correct diet for you, the correct exercise for you and the correct herbs for you.This is the ultimate secret to losing weight and keeping it off.