attention-deficit-hyperactivity-disorder-adhd-in-childrenAttention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is a complex developmental health disorder affecting the success of ADHD children at school.

ADHD is a chronic condition that affects millions of children. Typical symptoms include a combination of difficulty in sustaining attention, persistent problems, impulsive and hyperactivity behavior.

Children who have this condition usually struggle because of low self-esteem, poor performance and troubled relationships in school. However, the symptoms reduce as children get older. Some children do not completely outgrow the symptoms usually associated with ADHD. But they can learn more about the significant strategies in order to become successful in their chosen careers. Famous people with ADHD are Jamie Oliver, Sir Richard Branson, Michael Phelps, Solange Knowles to name but a few.

The fact remains that there is not one treatment that will cure ADHD. However, Integrative Medicine treatment includes a selection/combination of behavioral interventions, Complementary and Alternative Medicine and pharmaceutical medications has a lot of success in the treatment of ADHD and early treatment and Integrative Medicine diagnosis make a huge difference to the outcome.

Holistic Healthcare

A holistic healthcare treatment is a very powerful alternative to consider today for parents who want their children to avoid the side effects brought by ADHD medications. For example, when traditional Chinese medicine and conventional Western medicine are strategically combined to diagnose and treat ADHD amazing results are seen.

Holistic health care treatment includes Complementary and Alternative Medicine lifestyle modification that can help children with ADHD.

At its core, Integrative Medicine and Complementary and Alternative Medicine highly emphasizes support and unconditional love as the powerful healer. In addition, the treatment will often include education of patients and self-care that help promote wellness. Counseling, and the use of attention-training, focusing techniques is also valuable as part of the holistic healthcare treatment.

Integrative Healthcare a must for ADHD treatment

Holistic Healthcare Treatment

Pharmaceutical medications are required in severe ADHD cases, but in many cases, GP’s overprescribe ADHD medications that result in unpleasant side effects.

Parents favour Integrative Medicine treatment as they usually incorporate conventional care and alternative ADHD treatments. This holistic healthcare treatment approach to ADHD includes Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) therapies, expressive therapies, dietary changes, vitamins, and more. Natural products and herbal preparations are often used help treat the symptoms.

The Integrative Medicine treatment regime can also incorporate integrative management, behavioral modification, psychological support and psychotherapy that address feelings of loss of control and anxiety that accompany the condition.

So, if your child suffers from ADHD then you should strongly consider Integrative Medicine. These have been proven to be effective in helping your child live life!