School bullying is a proliferating problem among primary and secondary students. In many cases, this problem is ignored or unnoticed. In some instances, it leads to tragic events. This is one of the reasons why guardians and parents have to be aware of it.

Complementary and Alternative Medicine Study Reveals Further Dangers of School Bullying

Being bullied at school is a significant negative episode in the life of a child. A bullied child usually show signs such as lack of interest in going to school, loss of school supplies, changes in sleeping patterns and appetite. The stronger signs of child bullying include feelings of helplessness, avoidance of certain persons or places, decrease ng number of school friends, loss of interest in social and school activities. These aforementioned signs can escalate into social, emotional and physical dangers such as depression, social withdrawal, and low academic performance and suicidal tendencies. It has been revealed that 40% of suicide victims had been bullied at school.

Research studies show negative physical health effects.

School bullying also has negative effects on the physical health of the victim. A recent Complementary and Alternative Medicine study from King’s College has revealed that primary and secondary children who are bullied are nearly twice as likely to be overweight at the age of 18 i.e. higher waist-hip ratio and BMI. These findings were independent of:

  • socio-economic status
  • food insecurity in the home
  • child maltreatment
  • low IQ and;
  • poor mental health

Holistic healthcare treatment and diagnosis have revealed that victims of bullying can develop revengeful mindsets that can lead to vicious retaliations. Kids may not always talk about bullying for fear of the consequences from the bully. Therefore, guardians and parents need to keep an eye for any of these changes and signs, even the minor ones. It is a fact that bullying is a serious problem. However, with proper action and awareness, the dangers of bullying can be stopped.

Integrative Therapies

As there are long-lasting psychological impacts from bullying it is important that healthcare professionals focus on holistic healthcare treatment. A bullied child may not necessarily let you know that he or she is/has been bullied so it is essential to uncover the underlying cause rather than administering pharmaceutical medication for the symptoms such as anxiety and depression.

As a parent of a victim of bullying you may want to consider holistic healthcare treatment if you suspect that your child is being bullied at school , in addition to conventional care perhaps Complementary and Alternative Medicine therapies that deal with the emotions such as homeopathy, kinesiology, lifeline technique and family therapy to name but a few.