Natural Cure and remedies

Sleep like a healthy diet is an important pillar of well being. Good sleep usually equates to good health and is a natural remedy for most ailments. However, 40 per cent of people suffer from sleep deprivation; this occurs in people who do not achieve enough regular sleep i.e. usually 7 and 8 hours per night.

Sleep deprivation can occur for a variety of reasons such as:
• shift-work
• working two or more jobs
• family issues
• pain
• insomnia
• obstructive sleep apnoea
• restless legs syndrome

Typical symptoms that result from being sleep deprived include:
• Irritability
• Poor concentration
• Nausea
• Memory and thinking problems
• Disorientation
• Hallucinations

These symptoms often lead to chronic disease such as diabetes, obesity, problems with immunity and neurology.

The importance of Sleep Hygiene
Sleep hygiene is an important natural remedy for a good night’s sleep. Sleep hygiene habits are rituals that aid a good night’s sleep. Here are some useful daily rituals to implement if you suffer from poor sleep.

• Dim the lights

It is important to turn off your TV, radio, computer and other electronic games and dim the lights at least 30 minutes before bedtime.

• Calmness

Try playing some calm meditative mood music or try listening to suitable brain entrainment /subliminal music.Praying and meditation also help in calming the mind.

• Reading

If you do enjoy reading at bedtime then a book that aids your personal and spiritual growth 30 mins before bedtime can help you unwind from the day’s hectic activities and assist good sleep.

• Exercise

Exercise has been shown to promote good quality of sleep. The Sleep Foundation lists exercise as an effective strategy for achieving good sleep. This was confirmed by a study of over 2,000 men and women aged 18-85 who exercised for around 150 minutes per week which resulted in 65 percent improvement in sleep quality.

• Comfortable environment

Ensure that the temperature of the room is comfortable through the night i.e. not too hot or too cold. It is very beneficial to avoid clutter in the bedroom and it is essential to remove electronic devices, TV and phones from the bedroom. It is also essential to have a good comfortable bed; choose an appropriate mattress, base, toppers, pillows and bedding that will make you comfortable.

• Best Colour for your bedroom

The colour of your bedroom will impact on the comfort and the sleep you get. Research has shown that calming colours blue, yellow, and green helped sleepers get the most hours of sleep.  

• Diet

Diet provides natural cure and remedies for many ailments. An obvious strategy is avoiding caffeine drinks or coffee in the afternoon if insomnia is an issue. Eating grounding foods can be literally ground you whereas sugary foods and carbs can cause insulin spikes that can affect your circadian rhythm or ‘body clock’.

• Use essential oils

Essential oils are safe natural cure and remedies for good sleep. Best essential oils to use include:

• Lavender
• Marjoram
• Frankincense
• Bergamot
• Ylang-Ylang
• Clary sage
• Jasmine
• Cedarwood

These should be used topically on your skin or on your bedding. A blend of oils always works better but it is advisable to consult an aromatherapist as the energetics of the oil are congruent to the root cause of insomnia.

So, give these natural cures and remedies a try. They are a good starting point to achieving good sleep which often equates to good health