About me

Delivering Quality Integrative Healthcare Services

My name is Ray Noronha, and I’m an Integrative Healthcare Consultant and Wellness Coach.

My mission is to impact and inspire Family Physicians and practitioner of Complementary Medicine who are striving to improve their patients’ lives. A patient’s health is the most important thing; it can have a profound effect on their life, and – for many – completely control their well-being.

That is why I firmly believe in an Integrative approach to medicine. It focuses on each individual, using a variety of therapies that are tailored to each patient’s unique needs.

Using this approach has impacted the lives of so many people, and evidence has proven that Integrative Healthcare has truly benefited people’s health and lifestyle.

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Where it Began

I previously worked with eminent scientists as a front-line researcher for Glaxo Wellcome for 14 years, specialising in Oncology, Asthma, Neurodegeneration, Arthritis, Atheroma and Immunosuppression.

I have also worked with inspirational Integrative Medicine doctors, prestigious massage teachers, amazing Complementary and Alternative Medicine practitioners and esteemed Ayurvedic, Traditional Chinese Medicine and Tibetan doctors.

It has been such a blessing to work side-by-side with such passionate, enthusing people; their knowledge has enabled me to enrich my expertise and enliven my work. Through them, I have strengthened and matured my knowledge in Complementary and Alternative Medicine, enabling me to successfully coordinate Integrative Healthcare teams and assist a variety of patients, helping them recover from a wide range of healthcare conditions such as asthma and cancer.

From all that I had learned from them and from the experience and skills I built, I began working in the educational sector, helping others expand their knowledge and abilities.

My Aim Today

As an Educator and experienced Integrative Healthcare coordinator, I have developed a framework for building capability for the delivery of Integrative Healthcare. These processes have been developed through my own experience working as a Complementary and Alternative Medicine practitioner in Integrative Medicine centres around the world, through consultation with my ex-pharma colleagues, academics, top-flight CAM practitioners, Integrative and Functional Medicine doctors, and through managing and developing educational programs in Australian Community Services and Healthcare programs.

Witnessing the success of Complementary and Alternative Medicine has shown me just how limited we are to believe that there is only one correct system of medicine. Every system of medicine has its limitations. Therefore, a strategic implementation of Integrative Medicine that focuses on a wide range of modalities – not just a one-dimensional, mix-and-match approach – is by far the best healthcare model for the prevention and treatment of chronic ailments.

My aim is to unify healthcare by bringing together Family Physicians/ GP’s, Medical Researchers and CAM professionals to effectively treat chronic conditions – all with the goal of reversing the trend of the modern-day epidemic of chronic disease.

My framework for ‘Building Capability’ in Preventive Medicine and/or Integrative Healthcare includes:

  • Improving clinical outcomes through strategic delivery of CAM
  • Provision of Effective Service Delivery Model for Family Physicians
  • Learning and Development Planning
  • Providing value for money services for patients
  • Achieving good business outcomes
  • Good governance
  • Effective use of disruptive technologies such as the Apple A Day RX App
  • Consistent data review to reveal capability strengths and weaknesses of Integrative Healthcare delivery
  • Documenting and sharing best-practices

Empowering patients with chronic and complex needs and assisting healthcare professionals to deliver quality Integrative Healthcare services to people makes my work truly rewarding. In fact, it is not just my work, it is my life: to inspire others and improve their everyday lives.