The Misery of Arthritis Pain Treatment

Arthritis Pain Treatment

You wake up with arthritis pain in your knees or other joints.

Your first thoughts are “Yet another day of arthritis pain and misery, I wish I could just stay in bed”.

NSAID’s, corticosteroids anti-inflammatories, COX-inhibitors prescribed by your doctor provide little or no pain relief and you have tried various natural remedies from copper bracelets to fish oil but there have been no big changes. Your joints still crack, or they are inflamed and swollen or you feel stiff. As a result, you have restricted movement and you do not enjoy life as much as you used to.

No one should have to live with the daily pains of arthritis as it can lead to stress, depression, anxiety and more ill-health!

So why has no arthritis pain treatment worked for you?

The answer is that there is no one single solution or magic pill for any chronic disease. It is important to recognise that are different types of arthritis and each type requires specific arthritis pain treatment that addresses:

Diet to heal arthritis Pain

Individualized Dietary advice for you – food is medicine and medicine is food

Arthritis Pain Yoga Treatment

Practical Treatment plan – how to incorporate these strategies into your busy life

detox for Arthritis Pain relief

Detoxification to remove the toxins in the joints

herbal remedy for Arthritis PainHerbal remedy to help reduce inflammation and pain


advice for Arthritis Pain

Lifestyle Advice -simple daily routines to follow


This will not only improve your arthritis but also reduce your anxiety and stress associated with the pain. Start enjoying your working and social life as you feel rejuvenated. You will get more done, you will look healthier and happier. You will be able to walk without pain. You friends will be amazed how you have turned things around – they will ask you what your secret is.

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