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Complementary and Alternative Medicine Treatments

You are in the minority if you do not use some form of alternative medicine treatments such vitamins or supplements or ignore healthy food advice. But with so much marketing and information available from ‘Dr Google’ many people still ask the following questions:

  • Alternative medicine treatmentsHow can I avoid this illness and the accompanying misery in the future?
  • I have tried prescribed pharmaceuticals, but still, there is no change. I am stuck and do not know where to turn to? What can I do?
  • How can I get drug-free relief?
  • There are so many diets to choose from so which one is the best for me?
  • How can we improve the physical and emotional health of our children?
  • Are alternative medicine supplements purchased from the Woolworth’s Coles, Aldi, and other supermarkets really effective?
  • Are vitamins or minerals or herbal supplements effective?
  • How can I sleep better, lose weight, and reduce my stress and anxiety?

Apple A Day RX has all your answers related to Complementary and Alternative Medicine Treatments!


Many of the answers to the above questions and other common health questions are provided within this website through the latest Alternative medicine treatments research information on supplements and therapies (see blog page and the free e-prescriber Apple A Day RX app).
The key to managing chronic illness is understanding disease pathology and pharmacology from both an allopathic and traditional / alternative medicine perspective. This knowledge has given me the edge in treating clients with severe illnesses such as; Anorexia, Infertility, Diabetic Neuropathy, Chronic Asthma, Arthritis, GI disorders, ADHD, and more.
Chronic health management is a complex process that requires the examination of the mind-body connection as the networks of communication between the brain and neurological, endocrine and immune systems play a significant role in illness along with the consideration of the potential role of epigenetics in chronic disease development.Henceforth, Apple A Day RX also offers ‘personal development program’ through one-on-one Skype consultation program which addresses the underlying stresses in your life and helps you let go of what no longer serves you.
Like mainstream conventional medicine, there is no one practitioner that has expertise in all areas and each Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) practitioner has specialities. Therefore, I have developed an extensive network of Alternative Medicine treatments specialist globally from family doctors to yoga practitioners as a continuum of support for all my clients.


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