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60% of all patients use Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) and they would like their doctor’s input and advice. Do you need resources?

Research taken from Pharmacy and Therapeutics 2010 shows that up to 60% of patients use at least one CAM product (e.g. vitamin or mineral supplements and natural or herbal remedies) and 25% are estimated to use Complementary medicines and therapies (e.g. acupuncture, massage, chiropractic therapy). The majority of these patients do not disclose CAM usage to their family doctors for the simple reason that they feel unsupported. This non-disclosure can be a dangerous oversight for patients already on prescription medications, putting them at a greater risk for supplement–drug interactions. As a family doctor, would you like to have the evidence-based resources to guide and assist you to support their choices and advise them appropriately?

When pharmaceuticals are not suited to your patient what other options are available?

“No single professional group has ownership of health, and the best healthcare requires a multidisciplinary approach. Thus, there is an imperative for all healthcare professionals to work together for the benefit of their patients and the wider community.” Medical Journal of Australia

We are in the midst of a global paradigm shift in healthcare. Integrative medicine/ healthcare is especially appealing to proactive patients who have done their research and want to be full partners in their own health care. Apple A Day RX provides Integrative medicine/ healthcare incorporates evidenced-based alternative medicine alongside conventional, mainstream methods of treatment and diagnosis. Integrative medicine is not only the domain of the wealthy’ it has also been successfully implemented in Community medicine. This new integrated approach to healing has refashioned the model of doctor and patient relationship to one of shared responsibility. This algorithm of holistic patient-centred care which can be extremely empowering for both patient and the healthcare team.

We Have Your Answers…

Apple A Day RX provides family doctors with an opportunity to learn about effective Integrative Medicine practice.

Having worked in Integrative Medicine centers around the world there are different models that can be set up from a small Doctor’s clinic to a thriving Integrative Medicine center. Factors to consider are appropriate referral sources, strategic mix of therapies, cost-benefit ratio, budgeting, developing corporate programs, effective marketing strategies, layout, pricing of service, developing partnerships, effective monitoring and reporting systems and so much more.
Apple A Day RX can guide you through this process and help you achieve a sustainable Family Medicine Practice model.

If you have a current Integrative Medicine practice that is not achieving its goals; maybe it is the patient-mix, therapy mix, not knowing how to diversify, or perhaps it is time to review your marketing strategy. Stress no more as help is at hand, we can help you define the problem(s) and advise you on how to rectify the situations and help your practice grow.

We can be limited in our thinking if we believe that only one system of medicine (excluding emergency medicine) is correct. Integrative medicine is not a ‘mix and match of therapies, it is about harnessing the best of conventional and complementary medicine/therapies in a methodological system, in this way we balance the weakness of each individual system. There are many components that are important in Integrative Medicine treatment including designing and evaluating the intake forms, understanding the pharmacology of the pharmaceuticals and alternative medicines and, implementing the appropriate strategies to suit the individual needs for the best clinical outcomes. There are various Integrative healthcare models available, but many promote free-choice to the consumer which is highly commendable, but it often chaotic, expensive and fails to delivergood outcomes.
Through consultation with several Integrative Medicine doctors, academics, top-flight pharma scientists, and successful CAM practitioners around the world, I have developed a comprehensive framework for Integrative Medicine delivery.

With my experience in Education management, I also have the knowledge and expertise in curriculum development, training and assessment strategies, facilitation, educational technologies and compliance to help medical students, natural health colleges and CAM practitioners develop their skills and business. I also refer to Integrative Medicine doctors who can deliver online education to practising GP’s
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