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There are thousands of people offering healthcare advice, and many consumers are bamboozled by conflicting information. Many overlook that there is ‘no one-size-fits-all’ answer for chronic ailments. Each person is unique. Therefore, diagnosis and treatment plans should be specific to the individual’s needs.

The most popular product in the Apple A Day RX Shop is our Wellness Lifestyle Prescription Service. These are not generic guidelines, but detailed guidelines according to your specific body type and health history. This specific advice does address not only the symptoms but also the underlying cause of your condition.   After you return your completed in-depth consultation forms of symptom details and patient history you will receive:

  • Vitamin and supplement advice that support your health concerns
  • Complementary therapy recommendations
  • Dietary advice that is specific for YOU
  • Daily Lifestyle modification advice that will help you make the health-shift

The Wellness Lifestyle Prescription Service mainly appeals to proactive clients and this service is available globally!

There is no ‘single cure’ for chronic illness. Therefore, a treatment package which includes several remedies, lifestyle advice and dietary plans has been designed to improve therapeutic outcomes.

There are numerous nutritional supplements available online or from your local health store. So how do you know which one will work for you?

Apple A Day RX has your answers!

Apple A Day RX will provide a professional range of evidenced-based nutritional supplements. Australia has some of the best natural medicines companies in the world. Apple A Day RX has no allegiance or bias to any healthcare company, so we ‘cherry- pick’ the most clinically proven remedies.  As many of these products are not available ‘over-the-counter; these practitioner line products can only be supplied after an email/phone consultation’.

If you want to stop surviving and start living then, Apple A Day RX will help you achieve a new state of wellbeing through holistic healthcare treatment. Holistic healthcare treatment of chronic disease focuses on the physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of medicine, thus maximizing the quality of your life. The role of your Apple A Day RX Practitioner is to have you feeling better as quickly as possible and to prevent health problems from occurring. That’s why many of the holistic programs prescribed involve dietary and lifestyle changes and the use of Natural Medicines.

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PayPal delivers one of the most secure payment platforms in the world. You get an extra layer of security when you use PayPal. That is because you don’t need to share your financial information with Apple A Day RX or expose your details online or in public.

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Australian Orders

All orders within Australia are included in the costs of the item(s). Deliveries are made using Australia Post. Buyers are responsible for an additional shipping charge if the item is being shipped for a second time and/or the original address provided was incorrect.

Please note that delivery time varies according to destinations around Australia. Deliveries are subject to Australia Post and are subject to seasonal variations and adverse weather conditions.

International Orders

For overseas deliveries, the cost of carriage is calculated by weight and country. You must confirm the cost with Apple A Day RX before submitting your order. Apple A Day RX undertakes all best endeavours to ensure that your delivery arrives as soon as possible.

All international orders are shipped with DHL. Some countries require extra customs or import duties to be charged on entry, so we recommend checking with your local customs office for further information. Unfortunately, we can’t cover these costs for you.