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As a Health Coach, my main aim is to provide the highest level of lifestyle coaching for my patients, enabling them to improve their quality of life and get back to doing what they love. 

 Health coaching involves more than just giving conventional healthcare advice; it encompasses a whole range of factors that revolve around each individual. It is vital that their needs are met in every aspect. Therefore, I work hand-in-hand with my patients in order to help improve their lifestyle choices, diet and exercise tolerance, implementing healthcare practices that work for them.

With 14 years of experience as a pharmaceutical research scientist and 12 years of experience as CAM professional, I have a good knowledge and understanding of disease pathology from an Allopathic and Traditional Medicine perspective. I approach health management through bridging different perspectives, such as eastern-western, ancient-modern, and science-spiritual domains, creating an effective, evidence-based and integrated healing paradigm.

The “paint-by-numbers” conventional approach to healthcare does not inspire patients to self-manage their condition; neither does it allow them to make positive lifestyle changes. Relying on this “one-size-fits-all” approach leaves consumers confused and overwhelmed, resulting in negative outcomes for their health.

Therefore, an individualised, evidence-based method personalises healthcare for them, ensuring they receive the best possible treatment available. This is done by using the Traditional Medicine biotyping methodology. This method has been tried and tested for thousands of years and delivers a direct prescriptive path that benefits the physical, mental and emotional wellbeing of each client. When used in combination with modern-day conventional diagnostics, amazing results can be achieved.

Frequently Asked Questions

You may have heard of the term “health coach”. It tends to pop up in nutritional circles, sometimes appearing randomly in internet articles or on TV. However, an integrative health coach has to understand pharmacology and physiology from an Allopathic and CAM perspective in order to devise strategic protocols for treating complex diseases. Health coaches have the expertise to help you with: Digestive, Respiratory, Nervous, Renal, Reproductive, Cardiovascular, Immunodeficiency, Paediatric and Geriatric disorders.

A consultation is available online. An online consultation offers an excellent facility for those who cannot see a highly-skilled natural health practitioner in their hometown. Online consultations are ideal for people who lead busy lifestyles and do not get the chance to see a skilled specialist throughout the week. There is no need for you to take time off work, as the confidential form will be emailed to you directly, meaning you can complete it at a time and place convenient to you.

The health check questionnaire is sent via email and includes health history, symptom assessment, and a 7-day food diary. I will look at not just what you eat and when you eat but how your diet affects your energy, mood, and sleeping patterns etc. Once this information is returned to me, I will review the forms and then provide you with a comprehensive lifestyle report that will provide information about your health condition, prescribed diet, lifestyle, and goals. If you have any recent blood test results or other lab reports, please include these. If any further information is required by me, I will email you to let you know what else is required.

Please let us know if you have any allergy or if you are currently taking drugs prescribed by your medical doctor as we need to assess any possible drug interactions and correlations with the integrative health treatment plan.

If you cannot source the supplements locally, Apple A Day RX will send you the relevant supplements – but at an extra cost. This will vary according to the herbs needed and the postage. Please check with the customs officials in your country, as some countries do not allow the import of herbal supplements and personal care products.

Yes. As parents, we often require guidance to understand our children’s bodies and provide basic preventative health care for common childhood ailments.

Using time-tested and scientifically proven traditional principles does not only work proactively to prevent colds, earaches, and flu, but also addresses childhood weight gain, ADD, asthma, allergies, tummy aches, and more.

Eating is known to be one of life’s greatest pleasures, yet what we eat, when we eat and why we eat can affect our health. Therefore, eating the correct foods can harness the healing power for a number of chronic health conditions.

Food is the core treatment in all Traditional Medicine Systems today.  As modern medicine shows, there is a growing realisation that nutrition is the key to helping – and healing – certain conditions. Modern medicine has also shown that the introduction of processed food in our daily diets has resulted in the increase of cancer and heart disease.

Taking food suited to our physiology is not only a preventative measure but a specific diet can further actively treat an illness. An increasing amount of scientific studies have now verified the original findings of Traditional Medicine that food is medicine when properly consumed.

A knowledgeable integrative CAM practitioner needs to understand the biochemistry, physiological and any emotional aspects related to the pathogenesis of disease. Therefore, the dietary and lifestyle advice is more sophisticated than that offered by many conventional dieticians and nutritionists.

Hectic lifestyles, unbearable stress levels, processed foods, lack of exercise and environmental pollution have all resulted in a constant deterioration in health. Scientific studies have seen an increasing number of psychosomatic ailments and new strains of diseases caused by poor lifestyle choices.

A healthy lifestyle costs nothing. Yet, it enables individuals to lead a happier, healthier life. Lifestyle modification in accordance with Traditional Medicine principles can help you find balance and restore your physical and emotional health.