Product Description

Do your joints crack or pop”
Are they inflamed?
Is there pain only at certain times of the day?
Are your joints stiff and swollen?

There is no one generic treatment for arthritis;everyone has different symptoms and therefore require a specific treatment regime.These ‘practitioner line’ products can only supplied after completing the Apple A Day RX in-depth consultation forms. There may be a further online consultation (email/phone/skype) required, but this is free of charge.

In this evidenced-based Arthritis treatment package you will get:

  • Specific dietary advice for your type of Arthritis
  • Arthritis Lifestyle Plan
  • Strategic Treatment plan implementation advice (how and when to use suggested remedies)
  • Detox kit
  • Topical cream to apply to affected area (carry this with you at all times)
  • Herbal remedy
  • Herbal Oil (to be applied at home)
  • Vitamin / Mineral supplement