Product Description

Research has shown that detoxification could be the missing key to optimal health and wellness. Detoxification is the procedure of removing the toxic chemicals or poisons that have found ways of entering our bodies. These toxins might block the transmission of essential regulating and interactive mediators at the level of the extra cellular matrix or will create metabolic reactions that at the end endanger the life quality and function of the cell. This invariably results in a variety of mental and physical consequences such as fatigue, weakened immune system, nervous system disorders, reproductive system damage, disruption of hormonal systems, etc. Specially formulated herbal remedies designed to remove/drains toxins from the eliminative organs. The ‘detox kit’ is incorporated along with specific dietary and lifestyle regimes to make the detoxification process more efficient. You will receive:

  • 3 Natural Detox remedies
  • Specific dietary advice
  • Detox Lifestyle Plan