Yoga is so much more than physical stretching! The higher discipline of meditation, breathing exercises are important yoga practices that aid spiritual development. However, many people do not recognize the ‘Yoga form of medicine’ which is known as Ayurveda.

Each one of us possesses a unique psychophysical constitution therefore there is no standard diet, yoga asana, meditation, breathing exercises for everyone; we must consider the needs of each body type.

For a truly holistic and spiritual approach to medicine and healing, we need both Yoga and Ayurveda. With this in mind Apple A Day RX has created a specific advice that is suitable for your physical and mental constitution. This detailed ‘Yoga Wellness Report’ covers specific:

  • Daily lifestyle routine advice
  • Detailed dietary advice
  • Asanas for your biotype
  • Breathing exercises (pranayamas)
  • Meditation practices for your biotype
  • Recommended herbs and oils for your constituition